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I’m a writer, scholar, and sometimes community organizer. I’m also neurodivergent: since childhood I’ve struggled with numerous extreme emotional states (“mental illness”) to varying degrees of disability, and my beloved lives with similar experiences as well. After years of writing, reading, talking, and fucking up, I feel I’ve learned a lot about living with what the Icarus Project calls my “dangerous gifts,” and lots as well about loving and living with someone who shares similar struggles.

So, this site is a place for me to do some day-to-day blogging about mental intensity, from a standpoint of disability justice and mad pride. I do this in the hope that coming out about my madness–giving honest face and voice in particular to manic depression, emotional dysregulation (“borderline personality disorder”), anxiety, emetophobia, and eating issues–may be of use to others with similar experiences. Where I write about loving and living with someone else’s intensities, I have password protected those posts for purposes of privacy–but don’t let this discourage you! Another purpose of this blog is to connect with partners and spouses of mad folks. If you can relate (and by World Health Organizations estimates, that’s a sizeable chunk of us), click here to shoot me an introductory note and I’ll send you the password.


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